• Corporate and
    Foundation Giving
  • Corporate and
    Foundation Giving


We appreciate all our Corporate and Foundation Partners.
Their efforts and generosity have significantly enhanced The Language Conservancy

Corporate & Foundation Gifts
Your business or foundation has an opportunity to change the lives of children, families, and communities. When you partner with The Language Conservancy, you help us provide world-class language rescue materials to endangered language populations- bringing hope to indigenous people around the world.

Philanthropic Foundations

The support that The Language Conservancy receives from nonprofit grant-making foundations provides a solid basis for achievement in every area of the Conservancy's mission-research, education, and endangered language rescue.
To explore opportunities for matching a foundation's programmatic interests with priority initiatives at The Language Conservancy, please contact us by phone at 812-961-0140 or via e-mail at foundations@languageconservancy.org

Corporate Support

Corporate gifts play an important role in the language-support we provide to thousands of children, families, and communities each year.  Corporate contributions are a source of support in meeting an array of needs including the purchase of pedagogical templates for specific languages and funds for public education outreach.
A philanthropic partnership with The Language Conservancy provides businesses with the opportunity to support cutting-edge work to save languages around the globe, linguistic research, or other programs and initiatives that showcase your company's commitment to saving irreplaceable indigenous languages.
There are many ways companies can build partnerships with The Language Conservancy. Depending on specific interests and goals, the Conservancy development officers will work to develop a plan in one of the following areas or develop a customized option to suit company needs.  For example:

  • Cause Marketing

    World-Image Our Cause Marketing program leverages retail and wholesale product sales to provide funding support for priority initiatives at The Language Conservancy that touch the lives communities’ worldwide experiencing language loss.

    If your company is looking to invest in a charitable cause with a wide reach, lasting impact and high visibility, The Language Conservancy is it. By partnering with us for your cause marketing efforts, you build your business while helping threatened communities and languages.   For information on licensing and branding, please contact us by phone at 812-961-0140 or via e-mail at corporations@languageconservancy.org

  • Event Sponsorship

    Event and program sponsorship provides organizations with opportunities to market to targeted audiences and increase recognition and involvement while supporting The Language Conservancy. 

    Sponsorships range from educational outreach programs and lecture series to golf tournaments, black-tie galas and community outreach programs. Sponsorships can be financial or in-kind product donations.
  • Workplace Giving

    Do you have employees who are looking for a way to give back to the world?  A partnership with The Language Conservancy may be the perfect opportunity for you and your employees to join forces and make a real impact on the health and well being of languages and communities across the country and world.

    Through a workplace-giving program, corporate leaders make a financial pledge and ask their employees to help fulfill it.

Interested in Corporate Donations and Foundation Partnerships?
Please contact us by phone at 812-961-0140 or via e-mail at corporations@languageconservancy.org