• Fundraise for
    the Conservancy
  • Fundraise for
    the Conservancy


It's simple. And it makes a big difference.

TLC has partnered with Crowdrise, one of the leading self-directed fundraising platforms.   Crowdrise makes raising funds for The Language Conservancy fun and easy.   You can run a marathon, volunteer on an Indian Reservation, pledge your birthday or find other creative ways to raise money for The Language Conservancy.


  • Create Your Own Fundraiser

    Create your online fundraiser and start accepting donations for The Language Conservancy.

    Go to the TLC Crowdrise Page

    Create-fundraiser -  Press the "Create Fundraiser" button

    -  Choose type of activity:
     Organized Event (Like a marathon, walk, hike, ride etc.) - Just Doing Good - Birthday - Wedding - Tribute - Emergency Relief - Volunteer Project - Personal Challenge.

    - Choose a title and describe what you want to do for on our behalf, and how much money you want to raise.

    -  Add a compelling image of yourself or of your planned activity  ( e.g. you running, riding, at a special location etc.).... and Voilà ,  your own personalized fundraising page.

    -  Later you can manage your Campaign through Crowdrise, and really tweak it to make it even interesting and informative.
  • Ask for Donations

    Email a link to your TLC fundraising page to all your friends, family, co-workers, and classmates. Message your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and everything else you can think of.

    Be relentless. It's ok to ask two or even three times. It's for a really good cause.
  • Have Fun!!

    The idea is to make your online TLC fundraiser so fun that everyone you reach out to wants to give money and join your fundraising campaign.

    Wear a cable-knit poncho for the day when you raise $500 or do a little lap around the house for every $10 you raise. Anything notable is awesome.
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We know how much work fundraising can be and we appreciate your efforts.
At the End of your Campaign, we'll send our heartfelt Thank You and acknowledge your efforts 

Crowdrise_logo_151x48-1 Looking for Someone's Fundraiser?

Look for it at TLC Crowdrise Page